A publicly elected sheriff will always be held accountable by the people to the values of the counties in which they are sworn to serve and protect.

The Office of Sheriff has a wide variety of responsibilities, most of which are required by state statutes.  These responsibilities range from traditional law enforcement roles, to fire and search/rescue operations, to carrying out court orders and providing court and physical security for public buildings.  Another major responsibility for most Colorado sheriffs is running a safe and secure jail.

Every 4 years citizens in Colorado vote for candidates running for sheriff within their county and this year, 2022, is an election year!

It’s important to note that CSOC does not get involved in, or comment on candidates running for sheriff. 

What we do get involved in, is the training for all newly elected Sheriffs; known as the New Sheriffs Institute

Between the time a Sheriff is elected in early November and sworn in the second week of January they are required to attend the New Sheriff Institute (NSI), put on by CSOC.  This 2-week training is an intensive deep dive into the statutory and public safety responsibilities of the Sheriff.  CSOC provides hotel accommodations, lunch and snacks daily, and an agenda full of information from a variety of experts.  We also prepare them for the stresses of the Office and provide resources such as peer support and networking opportunities. We continue to assist Sheriffs throughout their terms with continuing education, professional development, wellness programs, and a variety of other programs.   

We THANK YOU for being a member and helping us to provide NSI as well as supporting the sheriffs and their agencies year long throughout Colorado.


Amy J. Nichols, Executive Director

For Voter Registration and Information go to the Colorado Secretary of State page

Our Programs 

CSOC offers many opportunities for sheriffs, deputies and other law enforcement agencies each year to enhance and keep their professional education and technical training current.  These courses are coordinated by CSOC staff and are available throughout Colorado.

In addition to training, we sponsor a scholarship program for Colorado high schools students, publish a magazine for our members, host a Fallen Deputy Fund and participate on several local and national boards focused on public health and safety.  All with the focus of maintaining the utmost efficiency and integrity of our mission and our members.

Leading the Way to a Safer Colorado

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