Want to Host a Class?  Here is what you need to know.

  1. You will need to request the Course Hosting Requirements Document for the class you are wanting to host to determine if you/your agency meets the Course Hosting Requirements.  That document contains all details for that class to include room and hosting requirements.  They are different depending on the course.  You can request this information by contacting Karen Pendergraft at [email protected].
  2. We will place you on the class hosting list in the order that we receive requests.  We will notify you when we are able to hold the class and begin the process of scheduling the class.
  3. You will need to provide at least 2 date options for the class so that we can schedule it with the instructors.
  4. You will be required to sign a Host Agency Agreement
  5. You will need to provide the Name and Address where the training will be held at the time of approval.
  6. You will need to provide the name, phone number and email address of the contact person who will be available the day prior to the training and throughout the duration of the training.  Additionally, we will need contact information for anyone receiving deliveries/shipments of materials for the training, if different.  We will arrange times for deliveries with the contact person if necessary.
  7. You will need to be able to print Sign In Sheets for each day of training and Course evaluations Forms for each attendee prior to the start of training.
  8. Most trainings require the use of standard AV equipment to include a computer/laptop, white board or flip chart with easel, and a projector.  Please supply any system requirements/information we will need to know to use your AV equipment.
  9. If you are hosting a Firearms Course, you will need to provide target stands and backers.  The instructor will provide targets and range supplies for hanging targets.
  10. Provide maps, parking instructions, location limitations or any other pertinent information affecting the course, trainers, and attendees if needed.
  11. You can provide beverages and snacks, however, CSOC does not provide reimbursement for those cost as of July 1, 2021.
  12. You MUST notify us of cancellations 30 days prior to the start of class and as required in the agreement.
  13. You will be provided information on registering attendees from your agency.  You MUST register all of your attendees prior to the start of class.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR PEOPLE TO THE CLASS WITHOUT REGISTERING THEM.  They may be turned away if they have not been approved to attend. 
  14. CSOC is not able to hold/save seats for any agency, which includes the host agency.