County Sheriffs of Colorado is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Office of Sheriff by providing quality relevant programs and support with integrity, transparency and accountability.

Our Mission 

We serve and advocate for the Office of Sheriff in Colorado.  We provide educational and professional development, promote public safety initiatives and programs, and support law enforcement and public safety personnel in times of stress and need.

Our Services

Professional Development for Public Safety Personnel
CSOC offers training across the state for law enforcement personnel and civilians. Our training program includes courses designed for new recruits to command staff. We pride ourselves on remaining current in our course offerings and making them available throughout the state. Our costs are carefully managed to allow for affordable quality training for all law enforcement, regardless of agency, size or location.

Awareness and Advocacy for Public Safety Initiatives and Programs
CSOC partners with other law enforcement, county, and legal organizations in efforts to raise awareness and educate decision makers on proposed legislation. We work to inform our communities of changes being considered within the state which may affect the Office of the Sheriff and their constituents.

Support to Deputies
CSOC maintains a fund to provide financial support for our members who are experiencing financial hardship. These grants are designed to offer assistance and ease the burden for sheriffs’ staff in time of stress and need.
Community Outreach
Through scholarships to high school students, conference offerings, and general community involvement we engage the public, supporting their needs in a variety of ways. We partner with other agencies to combine resources and work in solidarity for the good of Colorado.


Within all these efforts we stress the importance of the Office of the Sheriff and all peace officers recognizing the dedication and sacrifice of each member.

Leading the Way to a Safer Colorado