CSOC Programs


Jail Based Behavioral Health Services (JBBS)

The County Sheriffs of Colorado (CSOC) is pleased to announce the start of the JBBS Administration Program. This program is designed to assist agencies with limited staffing to administer their JBBS programs efficiently. The CSOC Program Administrator will assist the Program Coordination Group in overseeing program implementation, making training and provider recommendations, measuring the program's progress, submitting monthly invoices and monitoring tools, and resolving ongoing challenges to program efficiency. The program's cost will be paid directly to CSOC from the participating agencies' JBBS funds. 

Rural Jail Education Program

An educational and vocational program offered to rural county jails that currently do not have an education program or need to supplement their program. Utilizing the Essential Education learning platform, presently used by the Department of Corrections and the Department of Human Resources, the program provides students the opportunity to complete TABE Testing, GED Academy, learn Computer and Work Skills, receive tutoring, and partake in College Education opportunities, which include the Coperr Program for work release students. The program will be administered through coordination with the local facility and the CSOC Programs Unit to keep students enrolled and engaged in continuing their education to reduce recidivism and provide opportunities for a better future.

CSOC Youth Athletics Program

The County Sheriffs of Colorado Youth Athletics Program is geared towards restoring confidence and trust between community members and Law Enforcement. We know that Law Enforcement can only succeed with the faith of the communities they serve. For this reason, positive interactions between our youth and Law Enforcement are vital to community success. Not only is this program an opportunity for our youth to gain life skills and create meaningful relationships, but it also allows Law Enforcement to mentor, positively influence, and encourage those who need it most. This is why The County Sheriffs of Colorado Youth Athletic Program is dedicated to serving community members in rural counties throughout the state

Detentions Academy

The Colorado Online Detentions Academy will ensure that every detention specialist has the professional and technical training needed to perform the required tasks of working in Colorado jails. Each participant will be equipped with comprehensive training on how to interact with diverse populations that enter the justice system through a caring and compassionate approach while ensuring the safety of staff and inmates. The Colorado Online Detentions Academy will be developed by Colorado jails for Colorado jails. The Colorado Online Detentions Academy will provide an array of opportunities including annual training in legal updates and procedures, standardized training for new detention officers, in-service training for existing employees, digital training records to document student learning, as well as 24/7 access to the user-friendly learning platform.

Hiring App

County Sheriffs of Colorado is launching an exciting new platform designed to maximize your recruiting budget and centralize hiring for Sheriffs across the state of Colorado. This platform will allow for greater levels of communication, more efficient organization, and will attempt to implement one set of exams needed for the hiring process across agencies. Some of the benefits of this program include access to a statewide system advertising the advantages of your individual community, improved initial screening processes with information on candidate disqualification upfront, as well as an enhanced opportunity to draw new recruits both locally and from a distance. The Colorado Hiring App will be a secure system to store, manage, and share information regarding potential recruits across multiple agencies providing a faster turn around time from application to the final hiring decision.

For further information about any of our programs, please contact:

Program Manager Robert Branham [email protected]
Program Technician Andrea Musick-Johnson [email protected]
Program Technician Ashley Berry [email protected]

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