Leadership in Police Organizations


In an attempt to address the future leadership needs of law enforcement organizations nationwide, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) sought to create a solid leadership and leader development product to serve the growing needs of law enforcement.  The result of their work with several noted law enforcement and leadership educators at West Point and the University of Texas was the development of a leadership training program based on the principles of dispersed leadership – the Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO).  Dispersed leadership essentially states that every member of an organization can be a leader.  Dispersed leadership training produces both the catalyst for change and offers a blueprint for leadership training in law enforcement organizations.

Course content is divided into four areas taught over three weeks of instruction.  Each area explores leadership at a different level:

        Area I:  The Individual System (Leading Individuals) features the concepts of individual motivation with an emphasis on the leader’s thought process which is a problem-solving approach to resolving some of the most common personnel issues that leaders face and the fundamental process that supports each lesson throughout the three-week course.

        Area II:  The Group System (Leading Groups) builds on the previous week, adding concepts of group formation and process, as well as an overview of several critical skills necessary for leading groups.

        Area III:  The Leadership System (The Leaders) explores theories of individual leadership and how students can improve their effectiveness with their people and teams.

        Area IV:  The Organizational System (Leading Organizations) focuses on organizational concepts such as leading change, creating and maintaining an ethical culture, and better understanding the environment in which organizations work.

This program is held over three weeks, one week a month for 3 months in a row. You will be registering for a total of three weeks of class conducted over three months’ time.  Please insure that you are available for all three weeks of this class to successfully complete the training by checking the full schedule below.


Class starts each day at 8:00 a.m.

This class is funded through a grant for POST and is available to certified law enforcement personnel.  Typically, 2 weeks prior to class, if there are still seats available, I will open registration to civilian employees of law enforcement agencies.

As with all classes, please let us know if if your circumstances change and you are unable to attend to avoid any fees.