POST Handgun Instructor Course


The Handgun Instructor program is designed to develop instructors to teach in a law enforcement agency firearm program and can lead to certification for Academy training if the participant also completes the required POST Train the Trainer 40-Hour Course. The class focuses on preparing an agency instructor to coach shooters to become proficient with firearms and is not a remedial training course for poor shooters. POST currently requires that all students must qualify on the POST firearms curriculum on the first day of class with a 100% score. The qualification course is available here. It is strongly suggested that students practice this course prior to the class.

Lead instructors are members of the POST Firearms SME committee and are highly skilled firearms trainers. The Firearms Instructor Course is offered throughout Colorado to Colorado law enforcement officers, and may be requested by regional coordinators or their designees. The class is funded through a grant to CLEAT (a partnership of CSOC and CACP) from Colorado POST and is open to both certified and sworn officers and deputies currently employed by a Colorado law enforcement agency. If you cannot attend, please notify CSOC at least 5 business days before the first day of class to avoid a no-show fee.

Within 5 business days of enrollment, each participant must submit a letter or email addressed to County Sheriffs of Colorado, attention Training, from his/her agency confirming that the agency supports and approves of the participant’s registration in the class and that he or she will be considered to be on-duty for the entire class. The approval can be emailed to Karen Pendergraft, [email protected]

Each participant must also furnish a semi-auto pistol with 3 magazines (service weapon), 800 rounds of ammo and 5 rounds of green or orange dummy rounds for the weapon, protective eyeglasses, ear protectors, standard uniformed-duty leather gear including a holster for the service weapon, a flashlight, cuffs, ballistic vest and clothing appropriate for classroom and outdoor range training. No shorts or open-toed shoes are permitted on the range. There will be a dim light shooting class one evening which will require clear eye protection. Classroom materials will be provided by CLEAT.

100% attendance is required to pass the course and receive a certificate of completion.

Any safety violations will result in immediate dismissal from class.

The 5-Day course starts at 8:00 am each day and end at 5:00 pm.  There will be a night shoot that the instructor will advise you of during the class.

Class is limited to 16 students. POST guidelines on attendance do apply. 

The class is funded through a grant from Colorado POST.   Although it is free to individual students, POST has committed a substantial amount of funds to bring this class to this area.   If you cannot attend, please email Karen Pendergraft at [email protected] to withdraw at least 5 business days before the start date of the class to allow others to attend.